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I’d say, from the 8 episodes I’ve heard, that you beat most market participants; pro & amateur alike. Although, as a crypto investor, with Coinbase around $175, I started buying in. I personally stake crypto on 5 platforms. Coinbase has the lowest barrier to entry for beginners and is the only reputable CEX where you can earn free crypto just from learning about said crypto. Pretty sweet t see my $15 of free crypto be worth $45 today fees are crazy and staking fees are low, so it’s definitely a beginners niche, but with so much mainstream adoption yet to come, I’ll buy in this cheap. Totally against my usually long-term fundamental, dividend paying, blab lie based approach. But I think to get this potential growth at this valuation, I’m in. Wouldn’t blame ANYone for passing tho. As a crypto enthusiast, I’m unique. I won’t touch Bitcoin or any other currency. I buy crypto with applications in IoT, gaming, & staking/liquidity pool mining/lending applications that are already doing things. I don’t understand, and therefore won’t invest, in all things “currency” in the crypto world. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, other 20 Bitcoin forks, etc.

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