CMQ Podcast: Charlie Munger's Favorite Mental Trick (Inversion)

Invert, always invert.


CMQ Investors,

This episode of Compound Money Quietly (#013) is all about inversion, the mental trick Charlie Munger uses, and one we can all use to be better investors.

Avoiding the causes of failure is the best way to improve your chances of success.

❌ How do I make lots of money in the stock market?
✅ How do I lose lots of money in the stock market?

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💥 Avoiding investing disasters

Robert Bea is the world’s leading authority on engineering disasters. Bea shares the lessons he learned from 50+ years of investigating the root causes of disasters in this Discover Magazine interview.

We knew overconfidence and greed can contribute to financial disasters, but Robert Bea teaches us that they also contribute to engineering disasters.

👉 Never Forget: Overconfidence is a killer. Avoid it!

🔌 Deep Pattern Alert: Overconfidence organically appeared here, here, and here.

There's more to hear in Episode #013

💬 The inversion quote from Charlie Munger that I couldn’t read without laughing

👋 A personal story of how I used the inversion mental trick when starting my business

📚Useful next-steps from Seeking Wisdom

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