Charlie Munger: 11 Intelligent Things To Do

Dear CMQ Investors,

This is part three of my Charlie Munger synthesis project.

I posted the first Charlie Munger quote to Instagram on April 11, 2020. Making new content based on the 400+ quotes helps me synthesize Charlie’s most important ideas. I hope you find this list useful.

11 Intelligent Things To Do

  1. Remember your goal (link)

  2. Focus on the big, obvious things to do (link) (link) (link)

  3. Acknowledge what you do not know (link)

  4. Do one thing at-a-time (link) (link)

  5. Finish what you start (link)

  6. Delay gratification (link) (link)

  7. Help others know more (link)

  8. Handle small problems when they are small (link)

  9. Use checklists (link) (guide)

  10. Read (link) (link)

  11. Save money (link)

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